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HVAC Ductless Heating & Cooling Downtown Seattle


Do you need a new heating/cooling system installed in your property and are wondering if a ductless heat pump would be good choice? Let Beacon Plumbing help.

HVAC ductless heating & cooling systems are steadily gaining in popularity. A ductless AC or mini-split comprises a wall-mounted indoor air handler and an outdoor compressor. It is different from the conventional HVAC systems in that it does not use ductwork and directly delivers conditioner air to different areas.

Installation of HVAC ductless heating & cooling in your Downtown Seattle, WA property would be ideal for:

  • New additions to the place
  • Cutting down on energy expenses
  • Supplementing the current central HVAC
  • Avoiding the mess, hassle and cost of installing ductwork
  • Allowing temperature zoning across the place

If you want to further discuss the feasibility of HVAC ductless heating & cooling for your Downtown Seattle property, get in touch with us.

Install Ductless Heat Pump Downtown Seattle


The performance of a ductless heat pump is affected by the precision in its installation. Size and quality of the heat pump also affects its efficiency as well as longevity.

Come to us when you decide to get a new ductless heat pump for your Downtown Seattle property. We educate you about the available brands and models to guide you in choosing a ductless heat pump that is ideal for both your needs and budget.

After that, we carry out seamless ductless heat pump installation aimed at ensuring that the system:

  • Circulates the air evenly
  • Performs optimally
  • Does not disturb anything/anyone with its noise
  • Is easily accessible for maintenance

With our long experience in working on HVAC ductless heating & cooling, we can be trusted to do the installation as per the local codes.

New Ductless Furnace Downtown Seattle • Repair Ductless Furnace


Picking up a new HVAC ductless heating & cooling system is a major investment and an important decision. Have our proven pros by your side if you want to be sure of making the right choices and putting your hard-earned money to the best possible use.

The new ductless heat pump or furnace in your Downtown Seattle property cannot always keep running like new. It is bound to develop issues once in a while. Call us at such times and be sure of ductless furnace repairs that are:

  • Quick and effective
  • Enduring and reliable
  • Affordable

Turn to Beacon Plumbing for all your HVAC ductless heating & cooling needs in Downtown Seattle. Call (206) 452-3130.