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Grease Trap Cleaning Downtown Seattle


Grease traps collect solids and grease before the wastewater is introduced to the sewage disposal system to prevent untreated sewage water to release into the environment. Grease trap installation is mandatory for restaurants and food establishments as they yield a high amount of fat, oil, and grease.

To ensure that the grease trap interceptor functions property, grease trap cleaning needs to be done on a regular basis. If you want grease trap cleaning in your Downtown Seattle, WA restaurant, call a professional grease trap cleaning service provider. Beacon Plumbing is a good choice since we are skilled to perform grease trap cleaning in an efficient way.

Our grease trap cleaning technicians are:

  • Professional
  • Skilled & trained
  • Well versed with the health guidelines

Grease Interceptor Repair Downtown Seattle


Grease traps are susceptible to break down like any other equipment. In such situations, call in an expert for doing grease line repair. We do grease interceptor repair in Downtown Seattle area. Hire us if you want the grease interceptor repair done properly so that it does not break for a long time. Apart from grease interceptor repair, it is necessary to get grease interceptor maintenance on a regular basis.

Reasons to hire us for grease interceptor repair:

  • Cost-effective grease trap repair service
  • We employ appropriate techniques and procedures
  • Use the latest technology and equipment for better and faster repair

We offer emergency grease interceptor repair services. Give us a call to know more about our services.

Grease Line Pumping Downtown Seattle


Always hire the services of a professional for grease line pumping in your Downtown Seattle restaurant. Grease line pumping is not something you can do on your own due to various reasons. The primary reason for not attempting to do interceptor pumping is to prevent yourself from coming in contact with harmful bacteria and pathogens that the grease holds.

Expert professionals know how exactly grease line pumping should be done safely. Thus, it is important to hire the services of a reliable grease line pumping company.

Grease line pumping demands:

  • Proper knowledge of the grease pumping procedures
  • Disposal of the grease safely
  • Use of the right kinds of tools

Grease interceptor repair in your Downtown Seattle food establishment could be avoided with grease trap inspection on a regular basis.

Call Beacon Plumbing at (206) 452-1220 for grease trap cleaning in Downtown Seattle area. We are expert in doing grease line pumping and same-day repair.