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Heat Pump Services for Mercer Island Heat Pump System Repairs


Keeping your home and office warm is essential to live your life comfortably in the extreme winter season. For this, you depend on your heating system as it helps to maintain a convenient temperature inside your home, irrespective of the weather outside. However, if you are worried about high utility costs that a constantly running heating system can lead to, then you can opt for heat pumps.

By choosing this highly energy efficient option available in the form of heat pumps, Mercer Island, WA residents can not only enjoy constant heating but without spending much on utility bills or other operating costs. The prime qualities making heat pumps a far better option than other heating systems available include:

•    Affordability
•    Efficiency
•    Durability
•    Gas or electric heat pumps

Not only that but by installing a heat pump system,Mercer Island residents do not have to install a cooling system separately. This is because heat pumps can not only serve your needs in the winters but in the summer season as well.


Mercer Island Residential and Commercial Heat Pump System Installations


A properly installed heat pump system in Mercer Island can lower your utility costs considerably, provided it is well maintained and repaired regularly. For carrying out the thorough repair of your heat pump system,Mercer Island residents should trust an expert possessing good knowledge, experience and proficiency. We service all properties that are:

  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Residential

A very important step involved in the repair of your heat pump system in Mercer Island is cleaning the filters. Located in the upper front part of the heat pump system, these should be regularly cleaned at least once every 6 to 8 weeks.

This is a fairly easy process. However, if you lack the required knowledge and tools, then it is better to hire the professionals at Beacon Plumbing who can perform this task more efficiently in far less time.


Heat Pump Inspection, Maintenance and Repairs in Mercer Island


Heat pumps are available these days in various types as they are designed to serve the diverse needs of residential and commercial property owners. Before installing any type of heat pumps, Mercer Island residents should evaluate some crucial aspects, like the level of heating required and the total area to be heated. We offer total:

  • Heat pump replacement and installation
  • Heat pump repair
  • Heat pump inspection and maintenance

At Beacon Plumbing, our expertise is not limited to providing efficient and precise installation services, but the extensive knowledge and experience possessed by our technicians enables them to deliver unmatched repair and maintenance services for heat pumps in Mercer Island as well.

Give us a call at 253.220.6100 to avail professional installation, repair and maintenance services for your heat pump system in Mercer Island.

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