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Grease Trap Cleaning Mercer Island


It is important to ensure grease trap cleaning for your Mercer Island, WA restaurant or commercial kitchen every four to six weeks. Without grease trap cleaning, the waste material may end up in the septic or sanitary sewer system. Dirty grease trap could result in back-ups which will ruin your food establishments in a very short time.

All these can be avoided by doing regular grease trap cleaning. However, it is not advisable at all to do grease line cleaning by yourself. It could be your biggest nightmare.

Moreover, grease trap cleaning by you is unsafe as well. Hire a professional grease trap cleaning service provider like Beacon Plumbing to ensure properly done work.

Hire us because we are:

  • Certified
  • Competent
  • Expert
  • Proficient

Grease Interceptor Repair Mercer Island


We have a team of well-trained technicians who are skilled to perform grease interceptor repair in your Mercer Island restaurant. Our first step towards grease interceptor repair is to identify the issue with the unit during routine servicing or pumping.

The technician would issue a work order of things needed to be done towards grease interceptor repair to bring it back to order. Once you agree with the terms for grease interceptor repair, a certified crew with start working on the issue.

Our services pertaining to grease trap system at a glance:

  • Complete installation
  • Professional assessment
  • Maintenance
  • Repair
  • Regular inspection

Grease Line Pumping Mercer Island


For properly done grease line pumping in your Mercer Island restaurant, call in an expert. We are one of the best grease line pumping service providers in this area. Whether you have a grease tank or grease trap, which is big or small in size, we would be able to provide you grease line pumping services to Mercer Island properties.

Our specialists and technicians follow all the necessary guidelines needed for grease line pumping. Grease pumping or grease trap cleaning could prevent many major issues from developing and affecting your business in the future.

Some dos and don’ts after grease trap installation:

  • Hire professionals for cleaning, repairing and maintenance
  • Cleaning needs to be done every three months
  • Avoid using grease trap enzymes to clean the grease interceptor
  • Have a grease line jetting performed by professionals

Call Beacon Plumbing at 206-452-1220 for grease interceptor repair in Mercer Island community. Always hire a professional like us for grease line pumping, repair, and maintenance for best results.

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