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Grease Trap Cleaning South King County


The importance of grease trap cleaning in any South King County, WA commercial kitchen or food establishment is immense. Thus, if you own a restaurant, you need to hire a professional grease trap cleaning service provider as it is not safe to do it on your own.

While looking for grease trap service, consider Beacon Plumbing, which is a family owned and operated company serving this area since 1999. Hire us for grease trap cleaning and let our expert technicians keep your business clean with their service.

Why is grease trap cleaning required?

  • It ensures that grease from the kitchen does not get mixed with wastewater
  • To adhere to the environmental and state laws
  • Avoid getting fined
  • Prevent bacterial buildup

Get grease trap cleaning at competitive rates when you give us a call.

Grease Interceptor Repair South King County


If you are a restaurant owner dealing with a broken grease trap, consider calling us for grease interceptor repair in the South King County area. With our professional grease interceptor repair services, you would not need to close down your business due to digging or loud jack-hammering that grease trap repair is infamous for.

We use the latest technology to ensure a low-cost grease interceptor repair services.

Benefits to enjoy after our grease interceptor repair services:

  • Warranty
  • Pass safety inspections
  • Fast and quiet process
  • Safe for environment
  • Seals corrosion, cracks and holes

We try to complete the grease interceptor repair on the same day itself. Our technicians will visit you; accordingly they will give you the estimated cost for the grease interceptor repair.

Grease Line Pumping South King County


With proper grease interceptor maintenance, you are less likely to need repair services. Thus, hire a grease line pumping professional around South King County to enjoy the benefits of the interceptor cleaning services. It is important that the grease line pumping is done at regular intervals to prevent any damage to the grease traps.

Consult your local authority to determine how often you need grease line pumping. By adhering to the specifics of the government of doing grease line pumping in the South King County community, you are:

  • Keeping the solid waste to a minimum
  • Able to prevent costly repairs
  • Avoiding government fines
  • Lengthening the unit’s lifespan

Get grease trap cleaning services from Beacon Plumbing by reaching us at (206) 452-1220. We do grease interceptor repair around South King County as well.