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Grease Trap Cleaning Bothell


Beacon Plumbing is a reliable grease trap cleaning service in Bothell, WA area. If you are running a restaurant business and often face difficulties with the grease trap cleaning, we are there to help you out. Improper grease trap cleaning will not only affect the drainage system of your house but also it may attract penalties from the health department.

However, being an experienced service, we know the details thoroughly and with us, there will be seldom leakage or any other problems. We can offer grease trap cleaning around Bothell on an emergency basis if needed. So call us, unhesitatingly.

Conducting grease trap cleaning on time will:

  • Save from health department penalties
  • Minimize tank damage problems
  • Check foul smell from the drainage

Improper grease trap cleaning may clot the entire wastewater line of your restaurant. So, get the cleaning done on time.

Grease Interceptor Repair Bothell


We are a family business and are served only by licensed professionals. Therefore, we are certainly your best choice for grease interceptor repair around Bothell. Client satisfaction is our main motto and train staffs with thorough details of grease interceptor repair.

We are served by full-time employees and offer you guarantee for the grease interceptor repair job. Also, we use modern equipment for grease interceptor repair so that the job is done within the shortest time span.

Our grease interceptor repair team is known for:

  • Round the clock assistance
  • Prompt response
  • Expertise and efficacy

We check the grease interceptor thoroughly for the minutest problems and recommend you to get periodical maintenance of the device.

Grease Line Pumping Bothell


Grease line pumping at frequent intervals help in keeping the entire system clean and avoid problems of leakage of clotting. Operating since 1999, we have found that many restaurant owners often have to hold on the grease line pumping job for budget constraints.

That is why we offer grease line pumping at a cheaper price yet without compromising with the quality of our work. To know more about our grease line pumping service around Bothell, browse through our reviews.

Our grease line pumping service can offer you:

  • Cleaning grease and oil
  • Repair pipeline leakage
  • Identify unusual noises and fix problems at ease

Our grease line pumping team will reach your premises at your convenient time.

For grease trap cleaning or grease interceptor repair around Bothell, reach experienced grease line pumping service of Beacon Plumbing on 206-452-1220.

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