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Urinal Repair Lakewood


In commercial places like restaurants, movie theatres and even office spaces, urinals are the most frequented spots. Since urinals are used so often, there is a constant need for urinal repair. Urinal repair can include fixing urinals which are broken, urinals which don’t flush and even urinals which are clogged.

Beacon Plumbing is one of the best urinal repair companies in Lakewood, WA. We have been in the new urinal installation and urinal repair business since 1999. For us, no urinal repair job is too big or too small. If you need urinal repair services in your home, commercial or office space then get in touch with us.

Common reasons for urinal repair:

  • Clogged urinal
  • Cracked urinal
  • Clogged drains in urinals
  • Urinal flush systems not working

Urinals Lakewood


It is very important to have urinals which are clean and hygienic as urinals are one of the most frequently visited places in restaurants and offices. That is why it Urinals can get clogged and broken after a lot of use, so regular urinal repair is important.

Not only do we repair urinals, but we also install urinals in Lakewood area. If you are building a new home, setting up a restaurant or shifting your office space, you will need new urinals. We are experts in the installation of new urinals. We have installed many urinals for commercial restrooms in the past, so we can guarantee a high quality job. If you come to us for urinals, you will not be disappointed.

Common types of urinals:

  • Wall mounted urinals
  • Waterless urinals
  • Wall hung urinals
  • Concealed urinals

New Urinal Installation Lakewood


We have a team of professionals who are experts at new urinal installation. If you need a new urinal installation in Lakewood area, be it for bars and pubs or court houses or just your apartment, give us a call. We ensure that our new urinal installation service will leave you happy.

We believe in quality work and hold ourselves to high standards when it comes to new urinal installation. Instead of getting old urinals fixed again and again, why not call us for new urinal installation?

Why choose us for new urinal installation:

  • Quality services
  • Expert professionals
  • We send a team in less than 90 minutes
  • Licensed, bonded and insured company

If you require new urinals or urinal repair in Lakewood area, get in touch with Beacon Plumbing for instant and efficient service. Give us a call on (253) 655-4599.