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Urinal Repair Edmonds


Urinals are very frequently used in homes and commercial spaces; hence they tend to break down. If you continue to ignore urinal problems, then the cost of urinal repair will keep increasing. It is essential to opt for timely urinal repair. The longer you wait to repair urinals, the higher the cost of urinal repair.

If you have any residential or commercial urinals that need fixing, Beacon Plumbing is a company which provides urinal repair in Edmonds, WA. We are the experts in urinal repair when it comes to clogged, cracked or broken urinals. If you choose us for urinal repair, you will not be disappointed.

Common urinal repair problems we can fix:

  • Cracked urinal
  • Clogged urinal
  • Urinal flusher broke
  • Urinal flush systems not working

Urinals Edmonds


In places like bars and pubs, a high number of people visit urinals. Even a court house will have a large number of people who will go to the urinal. When a large number of people visit the urinal within a few hours, it becomes a stinky. For the sake of hygiene and cleanliess, it is essential to maintain clean urinals.

Usually, urinals tend to become unhygienic and dirty because they are clogged. If urinal drains are clogged or the urinal flush systems are not working then the urinals cannot function properly. For fixing cracked or clogged urinals in Edmonds area, get in touch with us.

Why choose us to fix and install urinals:

  • Experts with years of experience
  • High quality work
  • Customer satisfaction guaranteed
  • Bonded and licensed company

New Urinal Installation Edmonds


Commercial wall mounted urinals tend to get more cracks and breaks than toilets at home. Instead of opting to repair such broken urinals every week, it is better to choose new urinal installation. In the long run new urinal installation works out much cheaper than weekly repair.

If you are in need of new urinal installation in Edmonds area, be it for commercial use pr private use, you can get in touch with us. Our team of professionals has years of experience and they are experts at new urinal installation.

Types of new urinal installation we can do for you:

  • Wall hung urinals
  • Wall mounted urinal
  • Concealed urinals
  • Waterless urinals

If you need a team of experts to install high quality urinals in Edmonds area, call Beacon Plumbing. You can get in touch with us on 206-452-3130 for free estimates.

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