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Sump Pump Repair Vashon Island


If you are living in an area where it rains heavily, you will definitely need a sump pump in the basement. With too much rainfall and groundwater present, chances are that the water seeps in your home through cracks in the basement or walls. Having sump pump installation in the lowest part of your home or commercial property will ensure regular pumping of the water.

Pick Beacon Plumbing for any sump pump repair services in Vashon Island, WA. Call us for sump pump repair in the following cases:

  • Pump has tilted
  • Too much water in the sump pit
  • Strange noises coming from the pump

In the event of a sump pump failure, water will first collect in the sump pit and then slowly in the basement damaging your belongings. You must regularly inspection the basement and the sump pump to ensure that there is no requirement of sump pump repair.


Sump Pumps Vashon Island


There are different types of sump pumps available in the market, all serving the same purpose of pumping out excess water from the sump pit. The differences in the sump pumps could be due to their sizes, capacities and features. For any difficulty in choosing the right pump from the several sump pumps available in Vashon Island, we would help.

Along with the installation and repairs of the sump pumps in Vashon Island, we also offer regular maintenance and service of the pumps. Our maintenance services for the sump pumps include checking the following:

  • Battery
  • Condition of the pump
  • Charging and operation
  • Fluid level of the battery
  • Float switch

Count on us for efficient sump pump repair and new sump pump installation services.


Sump Pump Installation Vashon Island


You will require new sump pump installation in your home for when the existing one has failed. Alternatively, you might require sump pump installation in a newly constructed home. Whatever may be the requirement, trust us for sump pump installation in Vashon Island.

As an experienced and established company, we understand the need to handle the plumbing issues carefully. Our sump pump installation experts are thoroughly:

  • Professional
  • Experienced
  • Skilled

Our technicians assure hassle free services and efficient installation services as one of the main reasons of sump pump failure is improper installation.

Give a call to Beacon Plumbing by reaching us at (206) 452-3130 for any sump pump repair or sump pump installation requirements in Vashon Island.