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Sewer Repair Edgewood


Do you live in Edgewood, WA or its surrounding areas? Are you facing problems with your residential or commercial sewers?

If yes, then call the pros Beacon Plumbing. We are a licensed, bonded and insured plumbing contractor providing sewer line cleaning and sewer repair to clients in Edgewood.

Ever since our inception in 1999, we have worked hard to provide the best possible sewer repair services that restore sewers back to proper working condition.

You can count on us to fix all your sewer line problems and meet your sewer line repair needs:

  • Quickly
  • Efficiently
  • Affordably

No sewer line problem is ever too big or too small for us.

We have the training, equipment and expertise to resolve numerous kinds of sewer line problems. Whether your sewers are cracked, clogged or broken, we can get them functioning properly once again.

Sewer Line Cleaning Edgewood


With regular usage and improper maintenance, sewers tend to get clogged due to grease and debris buildup. Are you wondering how to unclog a sewer line with chemicals?

Chemicals may provide a temporary fix, but they can damage your sewers in the long run. Contact us for professional sewer line cleaning services in Edgewood.

We use hydro-jet sewer line cleaning equipment to unclog sewers lines in homes and business properties.

Hydro-jetting is an effective sewer line cleaning technique that gets rid of the problem without causing any damage to the sewers.

No matter how severe the clog may be, our technicians can get your sewer lines flowing freely once again.

We respond to your call with technicians with:

  • Knowledge about all possible causes for clogging of sewers
  • Experience of performing sewer line cleaning
  • Proper training in the use of advanced equipment for cleaning sewers

We are committed to getting the sewer line cleaning job on your Edgewood property done thoroughly so that your existing sewer problems are eliminated and any future problems can be prevented.

Sewers Edgewood


Sometimes hidden problems with sewers can come to the surface suddenly. When that happens, you cannot wait for days at end to get sewer repair services in Edgewood

We realize that having clogged, backed up or broken sewers can be messy and inconvenient and that is why we offer 24×7 sewer line repair services.

We have locally-residing plumbers who reach you within no time to diagnose the problems with your sewers and determine the right sewer repair solutions.

Rest assured we will thoroughly discuss our findings with you and will not perform any sewer repair work until we have your approval. Our entire team works hard to get the sewer repair job done to your complete satisfaction.

Below are the benefits of choosing us to repair your sewers in Edgewood:

  • Non-invasive techniques
  • Cost effective solutions
  • Seamless and professional service
  • Friendly and courteous technicians

Rely on Beacon Plumbing to fix any problem with sewers in Edgewood homes and commercial properties. Give us a call on (206) 452-3130 for sewer repair or sewer line cleaning services.

Septic Matrix

Sewage in Crawl Space Sewage on the Ground Sewage in Basement Sewage in My Bathtub
Sewage in my Shower Sewage in my floor Drain Toilet Gurgling Sewage in Crawl Space
Floor Drain Backed Up Floor Drain Plugged Sewer Smell in Basement Sewer Smell in Crawl Space
Toilet Backed Up Shower Backed Up Sewage in Shower Toilet Flood
Toilet Flooding Toilet Flooded Shower Flood Shower Flooding
Shower Flooded Toilet Plugged Shower Plugged Toilet Clogged
Shower Clogged Drain Plugged All Drains Plugged Drain Backed Up
All Drains Backed Up All Drains Backed Up in House Floor Drain Backed up in Basement Sewage Coming from Floor Drain
Toilet Water in Shower All Toilets Backed Up Basement Sewer Backed Up All Toilets Plugged
Toilet Paper Jammed in Toilet Toilet Paper Clogging Toilet All Toilets Gurgling Toilet Bubbling
Install Drainage System in Crawl Space Install Drainage System in Basement
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