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Septic Pump Repair Fife


When septic pumps fail, the septic tank system may have unsightly and smelly backups. In such a situation you will require prompt septic pump repair in your Fife, WA area home or commercial property. Beacon Plumbing is a trusted name for efficiently handling septic pump repair, installation, and sewer pump replacement jobs.

Maintenance and timely septic pump repair are also very important to avoid damages. Our highly trained technicians are expert in diagnosing sewer and septic pump problems and provide feasible septic pump repair solutions. Our services are

  • Prompt
  • Affordable
  • Dependable

A sewer pump replacement or installation is best done by professionals who have the know-how and equipment to complete the job efficiently to avoid future problems. For when your septic sewer pump alarm goes off, call us immediately. We respond to emergency pump alarms promptly and fix it.

Septic Sewer Pump Alarm Fife


It is important to install a septic sewer pump alarm in your Fife area property. When the alarm sounds, it indicates a problem with the wastewater level in the septic tank, which needs to be attended quickly to check whether septic pump repair is required.

The septic sewer pump alarm can go off due to many reasons

  • Float stop working
  • Failed septic pump
  • Pump malfunction

The septic sewer pump alarm in your Fife area home will alert you about any likely problem with the septic system. When the water level rises beyond a certain level, the septic sewer pump alarm is triggered by a float in the tank. There is nothing to worry about.

Call the professionals to check your system and stop using water. Whatever may be the problem; our technicians can handle all kinds of septic pump repair and help you with sewer pump replacement whenever required.

Fife Sewer Pump Replacement


In case of a faulty sewer pump that’s beyond repair, the best solution is a sewer pump replacement in your Fife area property. No matter what kind of pump you choose, we handle all kinds of sewer pump replacement including

  • Submersible effluent pumps
  • Pedestal pumps
  • Sewage grinder pumps

Septic pump problems need to be addressed at the earliest to save your house from messy backups and to prevent damage the drain field.

For efficient septic pump repair in Fife area by Beacon Plumbing reach us at 253-220-4800. Call us for sewer pump replacement, installation of septic sewer pump alarm or solution for sewer system problems.