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Septic Pump Repair Algona


of every house or commercial building required to pump away sewage or black water into septic tank. For this purpose, submersible septic pumps or grinder pumps are installed.

Septic pumps fail to discharge their normal functions due to clogging of pump or discharge lines. Malfunctioning of switches, float valve or faulty alarm are other reasons that necessitate septic pump repair.

Any laxity in septic pump repair can lead to failing septic system which can cause sewage odor, sewage backups and pose health threats. Delay in septic pump repair can also degrade environment and reduce value of your property.

Septic pump repair is a highly technical affair and demands hiring services of expert plumbers. We at Beacon Plumbing, undertake all assignments of septic pump repairs for Algona, WA residents. We specialize in repairs of:

  • Submersible septic tank pumps
  • Float repairs
  • Indoor septic tank alarm
  • Timed dose control penal repairs

Our team of experienced and licensed plumbers provides unmatched septic pump repair services in Algona.

Septic Sewer Pump Alarm Algona


Septic system is an integral part

Every sewage pump system includes a septic sewer pump alarm to alert homeowners whenever the pump stops working. All septic tank systems have septic sewer pump alarms fastened to tank floats.

When water rises beyond a certain level, the float rises and triggers an alarm to warn you to address the issue of possible sewage backup or overflow.

While installing septic tank system, you may choose septic sewer pump alarm from:

  • Indoor septic tank alarms
  • Outdoor septic tank alarm
  • Pedestal septic tank alarms

Our technologically advanced technicians have capabilities of installing wireless as well as indoor Wi-Fi enabled septic sewer pump alarms.

We offer our unblemished and reliable septic sewer pump alarms services to Algona residents.

Algona Sewer Pump Replacement


Malfunctioning and breakdown of septic pump occurs due to clogging of pump and drains requiring sewer pump replacement.

Also, damage to the float switch can stop the working of the pump, necessitating sewer pump replacement.

We offer 24×7 customer oriented services for sewer pump replacement with:

  • Diligence
  • Skill and precision
  • Perfection and accuracy

We are licensed, bonded and insured and assure same day services at the most affordable charges. As a result, we are recognized amongst the most trustworthy companies for sewer pump replacement in Algona.

Reach Beacon Plumbing at 253-220-4800 for septic pump repair and sewer pump replacement in Algona.

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