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plumbing-maple-valley-waSince 1999 Beacon Plumbing has provided expert service in Maple Valley, WA.  Each of our licensed plumbers will arrive on your property in Maple Valley generally within 90 minutes and do a thorough examination of your plumbing system and help you understand the problem on your property and find a proper procedure to complete any repair.

• Toilets  
• Expert Plumber in Maple Valley
• Emergency Service
• Sump Pumps

• Sink Installation
• Sewage Pumps
• Utility Pumps
• Clogged Toilet

As a residential and commercial plumbing company we are one of the best and most affordable repair & service companies in Maple Valley, WA.   If your pipes are leaking or your drains are clogged and you need immediate service then our same day service will provide you with immediate response.


Maple Valley Plumbing Service

plumbing-service-maple-valley-waWe have 60 full time employees and many members of our staff live right here in the Maple Valley community.   We are familiar with the plumbing systems in the Lake Wilderness area.  We have many existing customers that own homes around the Elk Run and Druids Glen golf courses and others that reside in the greater Maple Valley region.  No matter where you live or own property in Maple Valley we can reach your plumbing system.

We offer 24/7 emergency service in Maple Valley and we guarantee all parts and labor for 1 year.  We are a very experienced plumbing companyin the Maple Valley area and it is our long term goal to provide plumbing repair and great service.  If your bathroom fixtures need plumbing repair or if you have a leak under the slab of your driveway we can reach your property very quick and help you to solve any problem your are facing on your property in Maple Valley.

•  Commercial Buildings
•  Real Estate Tenant Improvements
•  Rental Buildings
•  Apartment Complexes
•  Retail Shopping Centers
•  Restaurants

At Beacon Plumbing we have served over 165,000 customers and were are proud to serve and support the entire Maple Valley community.  If your residence or place of business is facing a serious problem then our goal will be to make sure that we take the stress out of your daily life and solve any problems your are facing.


Our Plumbers are Proud to Serve Our Maple Valley Customers

Read the testimonials from plumbing customers on our website.  These are true stories from members of our community.  There is a very high probability that we have serviced a friend, family member or co-worker of yours before here in Maple Valley.  We want to help you with your plumbing service also!

Beacon Plumbing is licensed, bonded and insured.  When you have problems call a Maple Valley Plumber you can trust, Stop Freakin…Call Beacon!

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