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Plumbing-Company-Gig Harbor-WABeacon Plumbing has been proud to service the Gig Harbor, WA area with professional plumbing services since 1999.  Our plumbing trucks cross the Narrows Bridge everyday and we are proud to bring very affordable plumbing services to the entire Gig Harbor region every single day.  We have countless employees that live right within the Gig Harbor area and our plumbing trucks can generally be dispatched to any where in the Gig Harbor community within 90 minutes.   We are able to solve any plumbing repair problem that your home or business is confronting.

• Water Heaters
• Garbage Disposals
• Sump Pumps
• Toilets
• Faucets
• Sinks and Drains

If your residential or commercial plumbing system is confronting a clogged or blocked kitchen or bathroom sink then we can help you avoid the huge problem you are facing.  If debris or materials are building up and water can’t get through then you can quickly call us and we will repair any plumbing problems on your property.

• Loose Hair Gathered in Drain or P Trap
• Toiletry Plugging Toilet or Soap Scum Deposits
• Food, Paper Towels, Utensils…etc.
• Install New Water Lines • Repipes


Faucet Repair and Faucet Replacement


If your home or business has a leaky kitchen or bathroom faucet then we can try to fix the current faucet or even look at possibly upgrading your current faucet to a modern design.   Any licensed plumbing technician on staff is able to first solve your problem and then find an affordable remedy to your leaky faucet.   We also will check for any other water leaks and make sure you plumbing system is in proper working order.

• Remedy Any Leaking Faucets
• Fix Low Water Pressure Issues
• Repair and Replace any Broken Faucet Handles


Toilet Repair, Plumbing Service or Replacement

Plumbing-Company-Gig Harbor-WAThere is no plumbing feature more comforting in your home or business as an operational toilet facility.   Live two days without a toilet and find out how stressing it can be upon your quality of life.  At Beacon Plumbing we will help you to maintain a high quality of life and resolve any clogged toilet issues, non flushing toilets, and toilet tank issues.  If you have any problems with your residential or commercial toilet then please call us today so that we can schedule an appointment and resolve any plumbing repair problems in the property you own.  We also specialize in restaurant toilet and urinal installation and repair.

• Resolve Toilet Tank Water Issues
• Water Tank Fills Slowly or not at all
• Clogged Toilet & Broken Water Lines
• Leaks at base of toilet
• Repair Toilets that won’t flush

Beacon Plumbing is licensed, bonded and insured.  When you have problems call a Gig Harbor plumber you can trust,  call (253) 777-1972. Stop Freakin…Call Beacon!

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