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Septic Pumping Medina


Schedule a regular maintenance check-up for your septic system in Medina, WA and you will never have to worry that anything will go wrong with it! Septic pumping is just one of the things that Beacon Plumbing offers. We also offer:

  • Clear Septic Lines
  • Pump Septic Line Tank
  • Septic tank level inspection
  • Line and pipe checks for leaks
  • Convenient scheduling of appointments

You can trust our septic pumping experts to thoroughly inspect your whole system and offer money-saving solutions for maintenance or repairs. Our goal is to save home and business owners from making costly mistakes concerning their septic system. This is the number one reason why we recommend a regular schedule for septic tank pumping.

Septic Pumper Medina


Don’t wait until your Medina septic tank overflows and spreads toxic waste throughout your yard. Regular cleaning with our septic pumper can prevent:

  • Nasty overflows
  • Contamination from toxic waste material
  • Costly repairs

Expert plumbers like ours want to make living with a septic system as easy as possible for our many customers. By allowing us to bring our septic pumper to your Medina property, you are thereby ensuring a well-running system for your property for many years to come.

No mess, no surprises, no high costs. Just professional service from a septic pumper company that cares. Get in touch with us for a free quote.

Sewer Tank Pumping Medina


Don’t have a lesser-known plumbing company in Medina perform your sewer tank pumping. Not all companies adhere to the strict code of ethics that ours does. Many are looking to get in and out as quickly as they can while doing a shoddy, unprofessional job. This can cause:

  • Damage to the drain lines if sewer tank pumping is not done right
  • Costly repairs if the sewer tank is damaged or compromised
  • Your yard and landscaping to be totally ruined by a company that doesn’t put you first

To get the best services, you have to call the best company – one that is familiar with every aspect of sewer tank pumping protocol. Choose a company like ours, because we are experts and we have seen it all and done it all! We have years of experience dealing with every type of plumbing situation imaginable, including sewer tank pumping.

Whatever your septic needs entail, call Beacon Plumbing at 206-452-1220 to see what we can do for you. We offer sewer tank pumping in all areas of Medina and the surrounding locations.

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