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Low Voltage Electrician Everett

low-voltage-electrician-everett-waLow voltage wiring work is required in almost all residential properties these days. Cabling below 100 volts is used for installing a number of systems and equipment, including:

  • Computers
  • Intercoms and phones
  • Home security systems
  • Televisions
  • Doorbells and door locks
  • Lighting fixtures

Since low voltage lighting and wiring is quite different from the regular electrical work, it is advisable to hire a specialist low voltage electrician for the job. Beacon Plumbing is an experienced low voltage electrician that the Everett, WA area homeowners can hire to wire or rewire low voltage systems.

Besides providing the usual electrical services, we handle structured cabling jobs and can be trusted to wire or rewire low voltage systems seamlessly. Do not hesitate to call us any time you need the services of a low voltage electrician in Everett. We make sure to send over a knowledgeable electrician who is well-trained in installing and repairing low voltage wiring.

Low Voltage Lighting Everett

low-voltage-lighting-everett-waPeople in increasing numbers are opting for low voltage lighting installation in their Everett homes. Powered by only 30 volts or less of electricity, low voltage lights are extremely energy-efficient and bring about huge cost savings on electricity bills as compared to the halogen or incandescent lights.

In fact, there are many other benefits to using low voltage lighting instead of the traditional options. Homeowners prefer having low voltage lighting fixtures because these:

  • Provide brilliant luminance
  • Contribute minimal heat to the surroundings
  • Are safe to use and do not pose electrocution risk
  • Have a long lifespan and so help in savings on replacement costs
  • Are relatively small and inconspicuous

If you want to add low voltage lighting system to your home, call in our low voltage electrician now!

Wire or Rewire Low Voltage Systems Everett

wire-or-rewire-low-voltage-everett-waIt is best to avoid a DIY approach and trust only seasoned professionals to wire or rewire low voltage systems in your Everett home. Though there is a reduced risk of electric shock while handling low voltage lighting fixtures or wiring, you might end up making wrong connections and damaging expensive electrical equipment.

Hire our specialist low voltage electrician if you want your job to be completed without any oversight or hassle. Our electrician will wire or rewire low voltage systems in your home:

  • Carefully
  • Accurately
  • As per the local codes
  • Quickly

Looking for a skilled and reliable electrician to wire or rewire low voltage system in your Everett home? Call Beacon Plumbing at (425) 329-7875.

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