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Septic Pumping Lake Tapps


Your celebration is planned and the guests are due to arrive any minute. You have spent countless hours planning and decorating your outdoor area, as well as money spent on catering. But some Lake Tapps, WA homeowners have overlooked one important aspect, however.

They haven’t scheduled septic pumping in ages. Today, of all days, the septic tank overflows. All this could have been prevented with a simple phone call to Beacon Plumbing. Without septic pumping, your party could be ruined by:

  • Clear Septic Lines
  • Pump Septic Line Tank
  • A horrible, dirty mess in your yard
  • Broken pipes and drains
  • Nasty odors and health hazards

Septic pumping is vitally important. It isn’t something you can ignore and it won’t take care of itself. Professional plumbers in Lake Tapps could have prevented all this, so call us for regular septic pumping and maintenance to avoid this happening to you.

Septic Pumper Lake Tapps


Even before your septic system starts acting up, a septic pumper can ease the mind of even the most nervous home or business owner. Regular visits from us will ensure your system is maintained in top working order. We will bring our septic pumper to your home and:

  • Thoroughly inspect the drain lines and pipes
  • Check the levels in your septic tank
  • Drain and clean the tank

Don’t wait until you have a septic mishap. Prevention with our septic pumper is the best way to avoid these issues. Keep our number handy, call us beforehand and enjoy the season in Lake Tapps no matter what the weather. We make sure you are worry-free concerning your septic system, but only if you call us first!

Sewer Tank Pumping Lake Tapps


Some homeowners don’t fully understand what sewer tank pumping entails, and still others don’t care to think about it. To some, it is just a tank buried underground. Out of sight, out of mind. But you shouldn’t overlook your sewer tank!

Call us for a description of what could happen to your Lake Tapps property if the septic tank is ignored. Sewer tank pumping is not a pretty project, but a necessary one. We have a team of experts who:

  • Are very highly trained in sewer tank pumping
  • Know sewer systems inside and out
  • Can get to you quickly to resolve your sewer problems

Never, ever let your sewer go unattended. It’s not automatic, it needs professional attention on a regular basis and only professional plumbers can take care of any and all issues.

Reach Beacon Plumbing at 206-452-1220 for all Lake Tapps sewer tank pumping and septic pumping needs.

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