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HVAC Ductless Heating & Cooling Ravensdale


Are you tired of your existing bulky heating cooling system with complex ductwork occupying too much space in your basement? There are wonderful HVAC ductless heating & cooling systems that can free up space for you in your home. With a mini-split or a ductless heat pump, you can get comfortable temperature control inside your home in any season, along with lower energy bills.

If you are looking for HVAC ductless heating & cooling unit installation in the Ravensdale, WA area for your home or business, trust Beacon Plumbing to offer prompt and affordable services. We offer:

  • Heat pump installation and repair
  • Heat pump inspection
  • Furnace repair and installation

HVAC ductless heating & cooling units, like any other machinery, require routine maintenance like changing the air filter, etc. Call us, if you need any help with your HVAC ductless heating & cooling units including 24-hour emergency service for your broken air conditioning units.

Install Ductless Heat Pump Ravensdale


A ductless heat pump allows you the flexibility to control the temperature variability inside your home. It offers heating and cooling options for a specific room in a more efficient way, saving energy and slashing utility bills. Deciding to install a ductless heat pump in your Ravensdale area home may be a step towards being more environmentally friendly. Additionally, a ductless heat pump is:

  • Better for allergies
  • Easy to install
  • Saves interior space

New Ductless Furnace Ravensdale • Repair Ductless Furnace


If the heating and cooling unit in your home is not offering the efficiency you expect, it may be time for an upgrade. Replace outdated heating and cooling components with HVAC ductless heating & cooling units which offer a number of benefits. Choosing to go with a ductless heat pump or ductless furnace in your Ravensdale area property allows you to avoid heat loss from leaks and gaps in the ducts.

Moreover, when you replace your old heating and cooling system with an HVAC ductless heating & cooling unit, you can stop worrying about dust and dirt being moved around the house each time you switch on the air conditioner or heater.

To get an HVAC ductless heating & cooling unit installed in your Ravensdale property, call Beacon Plumbing at (206) 452-3130. We are ductless heat pump experts also offering new ductless furnace installation and ductless furnace repair services.