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HVAC Ductless Heating & Cooling Lake Washington


As the name suggests, HVAC ductless heating & cooling systems are devoid of any complex ductwork and that makes them sleeker, quick, and convenient to install when you need adding more rooms or are constructing a new home.

If you plan to include ductless heat pump or mini-split-systems with one or more indoor units in your home, Beacon Plumbing is the HVAC ductless heating & cooling expert in Lake Washington,WA area you can depend on.

Installation of a ductless heat pump in Lake Washington area is easy because the indoor unit can be mounted to the wall or ceiling and the outdoor unit including the compressor and condenser can be placed outside.

Why should you go for a ductless heat pump for your heating and cooling needs? They have several benefits.

  • Can cool selected rooms
  • Runs quietly
  • High efficiency, reduced energy bills
  • Better for allergies

Install Ductless Heat Pump Lake Washington


If you are looking for ultimate comfort indoors during the summer and winter months, installing a ductless heat pump may be the right solution. HVAC ductless heating & cooling systems allow comfort zoning and control over the temperature in different parts of your property, keeping everyone comfortable.

We are HVAC ductless heating & cooling experts serving Lake Washington area residence since 1999. We maintain the strictest standards of

  • Quality workmanship
  • Safety practices
  • Providing top-grade replacement parts

We will help you choose the right size and make when it comes to a ductless heat pump that fits your specific needs.

New Ductless Furnace Lake Washington • Repair Ductless Furnace


No doubt HVAC ductless heating & cooling systems offer many benefits but like any other machinery they are subject to breakdowns due to prolonged use and wear and tear. If the ductless heat pump in your Lake Washington area property is showing signs of aging or has broken down, causing you inconvenience, call us immediately for repair services.

We provide a wide range of services

  • Heat Pump inspection and repair
  • Ductless furnace installation and repair
  • 24 Hour Emergency Service

For any HVAC ductless heating & cooling problems our licensed, bonded and insured plumbing contractors are always there to help you out.

For HVAC ductless heating & cooling system installation and repair in Lake Washington area by Beacon Plumbing call (206) 452-3130.