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Home Generators Issaquah


Storms, accidents, and shifting weather patterns can cause severe weather in areas where homeowners are not prepared. Power supply shortages are also becoming a common problem. Home generators are the homeowner’s answer to these problems.

Providing home generators to Issaquah, WA area residents is our business. Homeowners who want to enjoy the comforts electricity brings to their lives need to call Beacon Plumbing. We are a family owned and operated company that specializes in home generators.

Finding the right home generators for area residents is what we do. Our trained staff will evaluate your needs and your budget and present you with options that will fit both. What is:

  • The size of your home
  • A fuel type you are comfortable using
  • Your family’s lifestyle

Installation Issaquah


Installing a generator assures area residents that power outages will never again hamper their comfort, disrupt their work, spoil food, or stop their daily lives. Issaquah area residents have the option of buying standby or portable generators, and each has its installation requirements.

Our knowledgeable technicians come to the property, assess the area, and properly install the generator chosen. All the work is carried out with a steadfast commitment to quality in all aspects of the job. We can be trusted to provide complete installation of home generators:

  • In a timely and stress-free manner
  • Professionally, without any oversight
  • At competitive prices

Our quality of work, excellent service, and a strong commitment to customer satisfaction are evidenced by the fact we have been providing quality products and work to our customers since 1999.

Generator Issaquah


Electricity is more than a convenience. We have come to rely on it to provide services that are important to our safety and well-being. A generator provides the ability to ensure these services are available even in the worst of conditions.

In cold regions where temperatures regularly fall below freezing, an extended power interruption may allow a property’s plumbing to freeze. A generator will prevent that. In a hot climate, if the air conditioning is unable to function, heat can cause severe health issues. A generator will protect someone’s health.

A generator size will depend on the number of appliances, electronic devices, and heating and air conditioning units it needs to run during a power outage. Allow us to:

  • Assess the energy required
  • Secure any permits required
  • Work with the electrical and gas companies

Call Beacon Plumbing at 206-452-1932 for the installation of a generator in your Issaquah area home or business.

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