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Heat Pump Services for Sumner Heat Pump Repairs


Proper care for your heat pump system increases its longevity. It also ensures that the heat pump system is efficient, which means you will not have uncomfortably hot days or uncomfortably cold nights. There are several tips that will extend the life of your heat pump system in Sumner, WA and ensure that it runs smoothly around the clock.

Do not run your heat pump system when you do not need it. As an example, if you and your spouse are at work and the children are in school, you do not need a heat pump system. The longer heat pumps run, the faster they deteriorate from tear and wear. We at Beacon Plumbing offer:

  • Affordable rates
  • Fast and accurate service
  • 24 hour emergency services

Use the recommended type of heat source and the recommended working fluids. Using the wrong heat sources and working fluids on heat pumps could lead to irreparable damage.

You should do repairs whenever you notice a problem. Heat pumps that are in a good state of repair will last long because problems will be fixed before they are exacerbated. Go through the owner’s manual to determine what the manufacturer recommends as the replacement part. Ensure you get the size and the quality right to prevent such problems as overworking the system.


Sumner Residential and Commercial Heat Pump System Installations

heat-pump-system-sumner-waProper care has to be taken when installing heat pumps. A heat pump system does not come cheap and you risk losing a lot of money if you do not do the installation right (which could lead to electric or physical damage to the device). You should note that most heat pumps manufacturers only allow installations and repairs to be done by certified technicians. Doing the installations and repairs yourself could void the warranty. We service all properties including:

  • Commercial
  • Residential
  • Industrial


Heat Pump Inspection, Maintenance and Repairs in Sumner


Maintenance is very important in making your heat pump system run smoothly. Particularly important is cleaning the air filters and the ducts. Dirt, dust, and debris in the air filters and the ducts not only slow down the device, but could also cause air-borne diseases. We offer complete service such as:

  • Heat pump inspection
  • Heat pump maintenance
  • Heat pump repair

Proper cleaning is also important because it leads to reduced fuel consumption and reduced noise levels. You should do thorough inspections on a regular basis to detect problems early so that you can solve them before they cause further damage.

You should leave the inspection, maintenance, repairs, and installation to a professional. A professional has the training and experience necessary to care for heat pumps. A professional also have the right tools for the job.

Give us a call at (253) 777-1972 for any heat pump installation or repair work in Sumner.

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