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Grease Trap Cleaning White Center


In restaurants or commercial kitchens, keeping the grease trap clean is very important. Once the grease trap fills up, there are chances of oil and grease from the kitchen flowing into the municipal water system. This can also result in heavy fines. For prompt and timely grease trap cleaning service in White Center, WA area, trust Beacon Plumbing, the grease trap system experts since 1999.

Avoiding or delaying the grease trap cleaning process can have extreme consequences like:

  • Clogged drains
  • Backups due to grease buildup
  • Noxious smell

If you have ever faced such problems you already know how terrible the experience is. To avoid such situations, call us to take care of your grease trap system and grease interceptor repair when required. When grease line pumping is overdue, there are chances of the excessive quantity of greasy substances solidifying inside the pipes.

Our grease trap cleaning experts can help with all your grease interceptor repair, cleanout and maintenance needs. Regular grease interceptor maintenance keeps the trap smoothly functioning and reduces requirements of repairs.

Grease Interceptor Repair White Center


When you need grease interceptor repair services in White Center area, there is no time to lose. Delay in the process means additional trouble. We can help you by inspecting what’s wrong with your grease trap system and suggest grease interceptor repair or replacement options as required.

Trust us as your local plumber to assess and fix any problem with trap interceptor and to perform professional grease line pumping seamlessly. We provide

  • 24 –hour emergency service
  • Prompt response
  • Affordable service

We always try to minimize the downtime and get your business up and running as quickly as possible. We are equipped to all handle grease trap cleaning jobs.

Grease Line Pumping White Center


A well-maintained grease trap system keeps the sewer lines flowing smoothly. That’s good enough reason to schedule a grease line pumping for your White Center area food establishment. Grease interceptor repair grease trap cleaning and are best done by professionals who:

  • Have knowledge of local regulations
  • Are equipped with proper equipment
  • Can handle grease trap services efficiently

A restaurant grease trap cleaning is an unpleasant, smelly, labor-intensive job which is not a DIY option. We specialize in grease line pumping of large-scale traps. For grease trap cleaning in the White Center area by Beacon Plumbing reach us at 206-452-1220.

We are expert in grease trap installation, grease trap repair, emergency restaurant grease line pumping services.

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