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Grease Trap Cleaning West Seattle


Grease accumulation on the grease trap is a common problem for residential as well as commercial kitchens. During cooking and manual washing of utensils, greasy material like fats, oils, and butter flows into the drain.

In order to prevent flow of greasy matter into drain, grease traps are installed in the kitchens. Periodical grease trap cleaning prevents clogging due to deposition of greasy material.

Four common types of grease traps are:

  • Hydro-mechanical Grease Interceptors (HGI)
  • Gravity Grease Interceptors (GGI)
  • Automatic grease/oil recovery systems
  • Maximum Retention Hydro-mechanical Grease Interceptors

Grease trap cleaning is a plumbing issue and needs services of efficient plumbers. Beacon Plumbing offers grease trap cleaning to West Seattle, WA residents. Our expert technicians provide same day grease trap cleaning services at very competitive charges.

Grease Interceptor Repair West Seattle


The grease interceptor functions by retarding water flow. It separates fats, oils and greasy matter and allows water only to flow into the drain.

For prevention of clogging, grease interceptor cleaning is necessary on a regular basis. The clogged interceptors in homes, hotels and restaurants, need efficient plumbers for grease interceptor repairs.

We have perfect infrastructure for grease interceptor repair for West Seattle residents. Our trained technicians for grease interceptor repair assure:

  • Uncompromising work quality
  • On time completion
  • Affordable charges

Also, we remain accessible 24×7 for emergencies for grease interceptor repairs. We carry out grease interceptor repair for hotel and restaurants without interfering in their routine functioning. By virtue of our inherent customer centric services, we are a reputed name for grease interceptor repair in West Seattle.

Grease Line Pumping West Seattle


Whenever clogging occurs inside drain pipe due to grease accumulation, obstruction in water flow causes overflow. This leads to messy, unhygienic and foul smelling situation which can be resolved by experienced plumbers.

The plumbers through grease line pumping, clear clogs to restore normal functioning of the grease interceptor. Along with grease line pumping, plumbers also employ techniques like:

  • Hydro jetting
  • Use of chemicals
  • Vacuum and suction pumps

Many a times, plumbers use tools like plungers and snakes to scrap away grease and debris during grease line pumping.

We specialize in grease line pumping and offer our efficient customer caring services. Hence, we are among most recommended companies engaged in grease line pumping in West Seattle.

If you plan to hire us for grease trap cleaning, grease interceptor repair or grease line pumping in West Seattle, call Beacon Plumbing at 206-452-1220.

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