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Grease Trap Cleaning North Bend


Grease traps are a pivotal part of any restaurant’s or café’s sewer system. They are essential for preventing thick grease from entering the sewer system and clogging it. When the grease flows in the system, it can result in backup, clogged pipes and foul smell.

If you are experiencing trouble with your grease trap system, it’s time to call Beacon Plumbing. We have a team of experts who are skilled at performing grease trap cleaning for North Bend restaurants and food joints. Whilst performing grease trap cleaning, our experts will also provide grease interceptor repair, and full-service plumbing.

  • Why choose us for grease trap cleaning?
  • Licensed plumbers
  • Same day service and quick access
  • Affordable rates

We are available 24 hours, 7 days a week for all emergencies! Call us for restaurant grease pumping, grease trap repair, grease trap installation or service.

Grease Interceptor Repair North Bend


Established in the year 1999, our technicians begin by pumping and scraping of grease and sludge from the traps and interceptor systems. If in case, after the grease trap cleaning, the sewer system doesn’t start functioning properly, we also provide same-day grease interceptor repair to North Bend restaurant owners.

Grease interceptor repair will ensure that the kitchen grease does not mix with your wastewater and cause clogging. To avoid future expenses of grease interceptor repair, it is advised to get routine grease trap cleaning done.

You should hire professionals to perform grease interceptor repair as they have:

  • Necessary machinery
  • Expertise
  • Knowledge of the health guidelines stated by health administration

Our services will save you time, money, and the pain of remembering to routinely call for your grease trap cleaning.

Grease Line Pumping North Bend


Grease line pumping and maintenance is essential for a restaurant in order to stay in compliance with regulatory authorities. We provide grease line pumping to North Bend restaurant and food establishments. You can rely on us that we will provide you with a team of qualified technicians to perform grease line pumping in North Bend area.

Along with grease line pumping, we also provide:

  • Residential plumbing
  • Rooter service
  • Drain cleaning
  • Air conditioning

With regular maintenance and grease line pumping, worrying about your grease trap will be a thing of the past.

For Grease trap cleaning in North Bend area, reach Beacon Plumbing at 206-452-1220. Our team of grease lining experts perform same-day grease trap interceptor repair.

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