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Grease Trap Cleaning Newcastle


Beacon Plumbing is a leading name providing grease interceptor repair and grease trap cleaning services to Newcastle, WA food establishments. In business since 1999, we have undertaken grease trap cleaning jobs for several restaurants and commercial kitchens in the city. Therefore, if you are in search for grease trap cleaning service around Newcastle, we are the one.

We know that a dirty grease trap can pose different problems to your eatery business, therefore, it is best not to delay grease trap cleaning. Our team offers same day grease interceptor cleaning service.

Clients prefer our grease trap cleaning service for:

  • Round the clock assistance
  • Guarantee of quality
  • Competitive price

Yet, we always advise our client to avoid the last moment hassles and get grease trap cleaning done at regular interval.

Grease Interceptor Repair Newcastle


Are you among those restaurant owners, who have started a new business and are finding it difficult to fix grease interceptor problems? Just book an appointment with our grease interceptor repair team around Newcastle and leave the rest on us. With our years of expertise in this field, we can efficiently perform grease interceptor repair job in a hassle-free manner and can complete it at the earliest so that your business operations are not affected.

We not only rely on our knowledge but also we have the latest machinery to get the job done in a flawless manner. The best part is, we can offer grease interceptor repair for all models of different make.

Our grease interceptor repair team is:

  • Punctual
  • Ethical
  • Professional

We will seldom give you any chance to complain. However, if you have any suggestions just let our grease interceptor repair team know about that.

Grease Line Pumping Newcastle


As a leading grease trap maintenance service, we offer grease line pumping jobs as well. Therefore, call our grease line pumping team around Newcastle area to keep your waste pipe free from oil clogging. We follow the latest technologies for grease line pumping and assure you a smooth operation.

By spending a few dollars on grease line pumping, you get relief from:

  • Frequent waste line clogging
  • Penalties for poor sanitation
  • Foul smell

Just let us know your convenient time and we will visit your premises to provide you with our grease line pumping quote.

For grease line pumping or grease trap repair in Newcastle area, hire professional grease trap cleaning and maintenance services of Beacon Plumbing. To hire, reach us at 206-452-1220.

Septic Matrix

Sewage in Crawl Space Sewage on the Ground Sewage in Basement Sewage in My Bathtub
Sewage in my Shower Sewage in my floor Drain Toilet Gurgling Sewage in Crawl Space
Floor Drain Backed Up Floor Drain Plugged Sewer Smell in Basement Sewer Smell in Crawl Space
Toilet Backed Up Shower Backed Up Sewage in Shower Toilet Flood
Toilet Flooding Toilet Flooded Shower Flood Shower Flooding
Shower Flooded Toilet Plugged Shower Plugged Toilet Clogged
Shower Clogged Drain Plugged All Drains Plugged Drain Backed Up
All Drains Backed Up All Drains Backed Up in House Floor Drain Backed up in Basement Sewage Coming from Floor Drain
Toilet Water in Shower All Toilets Backed Up Basement Sewer Backed Up All Toilets Plugged
Toilet Paper Jammed in Toilet Toilet Paper Clogging Toilet All Toilets Gurgling Toilet Bubbling
Install Drainage System in Crawl Space Install Drainage System in Basement
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