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Grease Trap Cleaning Hobart


True to their name, grease traps are designed to trap fats, grease, and oils in order to separate the sludge from wastewater. This causes a huge buildup of oily substances, resulting in the need of grease trap cleaning at regular intervals.

Grease interceptor maintenance and grease interceptor repair are of prime importance mainly for commercial kitchens. Without timely grease line pumping and removal of grease, drain lines can be choked. Beacon Plumbing offers professional grease trap cleaning services in Hobart, WA area.

If you are wondering why grease trap cleaning is important?

  • For efficient working of drain lines
  • To avoid drain and sink back-ups
  • To avoid foul smells in the kitchen

When oil and grease pass through the grease interceptor or the catching system, they get time to cool down and solidify, allowing the water to pass through the drain lines easily. Call us for grease line pumping to keep your Hobart area kitchen functional at all times!

Grease Interceptor Repair Hobart


You surely do not want to handle the dirty grease trap when it is broken. Call us for grease interceptor repair whenever you need it. To keep your grease interceptor efficient and prevent malfunction, time to time inspection may help.

Additionally, timely grease interceptor repair prevents drains from clogging, allowing your business to run smoothly. Our grease trap system experts in the Hobart area are:

  • Trained and professional
  • Experienced and knowledgeable
  • Provide affordable services

Wondering how frequently you need grease line pumping services? The regularity of grease trap cleaning will depend on the amount of grease build-up in the grease trap system. Preventive grease trap maintenance and on-time grease interceptor repair can save you lot of hassles and expensive replacements later.

Grease Line Pumping Hobart


Grease line pumping in your Hobart property is not an everyday job and needs expert handling. Moreover, the grease possibly holds pathogens and bacteria that may be harmful to health.

It is important to call a professional contractor when you need grease trap cleaning as they have:

  • Proper equipment and tools
  • Can dispose of the grease safely
  • Know proper grease cleaning technique

We can safely and efficiently handle grease trap cleaning and dispose of the grease in an environment-friendly way.

Need grease trap cleaning in Hobart area by Beacon Plumbing? Reach us at (206) 452-1220 for grease interceptor repair the same day. We specialize in grease line pumping and provide emergency restaurant grease pumping, grease trap repair, grease trap installation, and service.