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Grease Trap Cleaning Duvall


Neglected or improper grease trap maintenance can result in major problems for a business. Unhygienic conditions due to backing up sewers is just one of these.

Commercial kitchens are required by law to install a grease trap or grease interceptor so that grease buildups do not cause sewer drains to choke up. Sewage backup due to lack of timely grease trap cleaning leaves the establishment vulnerable to municipal penalties.

At Beacon Plumbing, we provide grease trap cleaning and grease line pumping services in Duvall, WA to help businesses steer clear from sewer line problems. Do not forget to call us for grease trap cleaning on a regular basis, whether you run a:

  • Hotel
  • Restaurant
  • Industrial kitchen, or
  • Catering business

We are experts at working on grease traps. Besides providing services for routine grease trap cleaning in Duvall properties, we also take ups jobs for grease trap installation and grease interceptor repair.

Grease Interceptor Repair Duvall


When you are in the food service industry, it is reassuring to know that you have access to 24-hour grease interceptor repair services. You cannot afford to let broken or backing up grease trap shut down your establishment for the day.

Thankfully, we are available round-the-clock to provide you with grease interceptor repair services in Duvall right when we want. We get your restaurant grease trap fixed in the shortest time possible so that you get through the issue WITHOUT:

  • Upsetting your patrons
  • Suffering a setback to your revenue
  • Getting burdened with environmental violations
  • Taking a hot to your goodwill and reputation

You can rest easy that our speedy response does not come at the cost of quality of grease interceptor repair services. We get your job done with lasting grease interceptor repair solutions.

Grease Line Pumping Duvall


Not all grease traps require the same level of attention for maintenance. The recommended interval for grease line pumping in your Duvall property would depend on the volume and type of grease waste generated daily in your kitchen.

You would do well to know the right grease line pumping schedule for your property. And, also make sure to call in the right professionals for grease trap cleaning every time. Ensure your peace of mind by calling us whenever grease line pumping is required to keep your sewage lines:

  • Free from grease deposits
  • Flowing smoothly
  • Safe from sudden clogging

Choose Beacon Plumbing for grease line pumping services in Duvall. We also do grease interceptor repair and installation work. Dial (206) 452-1220.