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Grease Trap Cleaning Carnation


Most drains get clogged due to food particles, oils, grease and other such factors. This is when grease trap cleaning comes into play. What is grease trap cleaning? Grease trap cleaning is when a plumbing device called grease traps are inserted into to pipelines to remove grease, fat, oil etc.

Beacon plumbing provides this grease trap cleaning service in Carnation, WA area. We have been in the grease trap cleaning and grease interceptor repair and maintenance business since 1999. We recommend grease trap cleaning to be done every 4 to 6 weeks for best results.

Importance of grease trap cleaning:

  • To prevent pipeline blockage
  • No sewer blockage
  • No clogs in the drain
  • Hygienic

Grease Interceptor Repair Carnation


We handle all kinds of plumbing services, including grease interceptor repair in Carnation area. A grease trap is also known as a grease interceptor, and we deal with grease interceptor repair. The grease trap is designed to not allow any solids like fats, grease and oils to get into the drainage pipes.

In order to ensure the grease trap can do its job, grease interceptor repair is essential. Like any equipment to function optimally, regular grease trap cleaning and timely grease inceptor repair and maintenance is important. If you need a grease trap cleaning or repair, get in touch with us for guaranteed satisfaction.

The benefits of timely grease interceptor repair:

  • Allows proper functioning
  • Better and cheaper than buying a new one
  • A broken trap can cause problems
  • No hefty fines because of a broken grease trap system

Grease Line Pumping Carnation


Regular grease line pumping is essential to keep the grease traps clean and functional. We have experienced professionals who have carried out these grease line pumping services in Carnation area, for various homes and restaurants.

We believe that professional grease line pumping can allow your grease trap to have a longer life. By opting for a grease line pumping service, you are simply making sure that your lines are clear and flowing. Clearly, a grease line pumping service is good for both grease inspector maintenance and drain clearing.

Why choose us for grease line pumping:

  • Years of experience in grease trap repair and cleaning
  • Highly skilled professionals
  • Affordable
  • We ensure customer satisfaction

If your restaurant or home requires grease trap cleaning in Carnation area, reach out to Beacon Plumbing for an effective and affordable service. Call us on 206-452-1220.

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