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Grease Trap Cleaning Capitol Hill


Nowadays, kitchens are installed with grease trap to prevent greasy matter like fats, oils and grit to go into the drain pipe. The grease trap separates the fat, oil and grease from water thrown in sink while cooking or washing greasy utensils.

Periodical grease trap cleaning prevents:

  • Deposition of debris and greasy matter
  • Clogging of drain
  • Unhygienic and smelling water overflow

Grease trap cleaning of clogged trap is a plumbing problem that needs to be resolved by expert plumbers.

Beacon Plumbing offers perfect solutions to the problems pertaining to grease trap cleaning for Capitol Hill, WA residents. We have a team of trained plumbers for residential grease trap cleaning at an affordable cost.

We also undertake assignments maintenance and grease trap cleaning for restaurants of Capitol Hill area.

Grease Interceptor Repair Capitol Hill


The installation of grease interceptors or traps depends upon the flow of waste water from drain. Major grease interceptors include:

  • Hydro-mechanical Grease Interceptors (HGI)
  • Gravity Grease Interceptors (GGI)
  • Maximum Retention Hydro-mechanical Grease Interceptors
  • Automatic grease/oil recovery systems

These interceptors segregate the fatty, oily and greasy matter from waste water and allow water to flow into sewer pipe. Excessive deposition of greasy material in the interceptors affects their normal functioning and hence necessitate grease interceptor repair.

Grease interceptor repair being not easy, requires services of efficient plumbers. We offer our unmatched services for grease interceptor repair to Capitol Hill residents through our experienced plumbers. We assure high quality workmanship for grease interceptor repairs at most affordable charges.

Grease Line Pumping Capitol Hill


The functioning of grease traps or interceptors gets affected due to deposition of greasy material.

Continuous flow of waste water with fats, oils, grease and grit is allowed into impaired grease trap or interceptors can lead to overflow of water.

In such cases, plumbers by grease line pumping resolve the issue by using high pressure hydro-jetting to clear the clogs. In addition, plumbers along with grease line pumping use:

  • Chemicals
  • Suction pumps
  • Plungers and snake

We offer our specialized and customer centric services for grease line pumping to Capitol Hill residents. Our highly capable plumbers adhere to the work norms and provide impeccable yet cost effective services.

Accordingly, we are rated among most trustworthy companies dealing in grease line pumping.

When you decide to hire us for grease trap cleaning, grease interceptor repair or grease line pumping in Capitol Hill, reach Beacon Plumbing at (206) 452-1220.