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Grease Trap Cleaning Ballard


When you regularly do grease trap cleaning in your Ballard, WA food establishment, you are ensuring unclogged drain lines and preventing foul odors or sewer backup. Grease trap cleaning is recommended every three months as a crucial part of grease interceptor maintenance.

Since, grease trap cleaning is not something you can do on your own, hiring a professional become necessary. Beacon Plumbing, operational since 1999, would be a grease choice for trusting with the responsibility of grease trap cleaning. Get rid of dirty grease trap instantly with our services.

We perform:

  • Grease trap inspection of aging components
  • Grease trap clean out
  • Grease interceptor repair
  • Grease line pumping

Grease Interceptor Repair Ballard


If you need grease interceptor repair in Ballard area, give us a call immediately. We ensure that the grease interceptor repair is done in the shortest possible time. It is important that you do not delay the grease trap repair because the longer you take time to hire a professional to do grease interceptor repair, the greater the chance of sewer back up. Moreover, it causes damage to the drains and sinks as well.

People recommend our service because we are:

  • Affordable
  • Experienced
  • Skilled

For any kind of grease trap emergency, we are always available. If grease interceptor repair is not an option anymore, we suggest grease trap installation for restaurant owners.

Grease Line Pumping Ballard


The installed grease trap system would need grease line pumping at a regular interval. The frequency of requirement for grease line pumping in your Ballard food joint would depend on several factors. As long as there is not much grease buildup, you would not need grease line pumping.

Thus, ensure that you involve a professional in grease trap cleaning. It can be difficult for you to infer whether you need grease trap cleaning or grease line pumping at a particular time. Thus, if you are unsure about the requirement, give us a call.

Our technicians would visit your establishment to check what needs to be done and let you know accordingly.

Why do you need professionals to do grease line pumping for your Ballard restaurant?

  • To dispose of the grease properly
  • Ensure safe handling of the grease
  • Prevent health hazard due to the presence of pathogens and bacteria in grease traps

Hire Beacon Plumbing for grease trap cleaning in the Ballard area. Reach us at 206-452-1220 to book grease line pumping services.

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