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Garbage Disposal Repair Fox Island


Sometimes, the most essential appliances in any home are the least obvious. One of these is the garbage disposal, which is critical for efficient food waste disposal in any residential or commercial kitchen. Having the garbage disposal broken or stuck can throw a wrench in day-to-day working in the kitchen.

This is where the garbage disposal repair specialists at Beacon Plumbing come in. We come in immediately for garbage disposal repair in Fox Island, WA properties to ensure that the property owners do not have to waste time after dinner in fighting a clogged kitchen sink.

Do not hesitate to call us if your kitchen sink disposal is failing to work or functioning inefficiently. We offer comprehensive garbage disposal repair services for Fox Island residents and can fix any major or minor problem with the appliance, whether it is:

  • Humming but not running
  • Clogged and jammed
  • Leaking; or
  • Making strange, loud noises

New Garbage Disposal Installation Fox Island


Our services are also available for new garbage disposal installation. It can be quite tricky to install garbage disposal if you do not know how to go about it. Accurate new garbage disposal installation calls for both plumbing and electrical knowledge.

Having our experts install your appliance gives you the peace of mind that the pipe, drain and electricity connections are done correctly. There is hardly any new garbage disposal installation job in Fox Island that is beyond our capabilities. We can:

  • Fit up garbage disposal in new constructions
  • Replace garbage disposal that is old and worn-out
  • Install disposals of all makes, models and sizes

Look no further than us if you are planning to go in for new garbage disposal installation.

Jammed, Fix, Replace or Leaking Garbage Disposals Fox Island


Has your work in the kitchen stalled due to a jammed garbage disposal? Is a leaking garbage disposal creating a mess under the kitchen sink? Are you thinking of replacing your frequently broken disposer? We can help. Remember that putting your hand inside the disposal can be dangerous.

It is always better to call in trained professionals to look at the malfunctioning appliance and perform the necessary garbage disposal repair or replacement in your Fox Island property. Let us meet fix or replace your sink disposal. You can count on us for garbage disposal repair solutions that are:

  • Quickly delivered
  • Correct and effective
  • Lasting and reliable

Hire Beacon Plumbing for garbage disposal repair or new garbage disposal installation in Fox Island. Call (253) 777-1972.