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Furnace Repair Enumclaw


Founded in 1999, Beacon Plumbing is a family owned and operated business fulfilling the furnace repair needs of the Enumclaw, WA area.

We also offer professional services for installation of new furnaces and can be signed up for annual furnace maintenance service. Our heating business is fully licensed, bonded and insured.

Our company employs qualified and experienced heating technicians to handle all types of furnace repair jobs. We can fix all sorts of issues with furnaces in residential or commercial use.

It is advisable to call us for furnace repair services at the earliest signs of trouble. Property owners should have their furnaces looked at by our knowledgeable professionals when the:

  • System fails to start
  • Equipment is blowing cold or inadequately heated air
  • Heating costs register a sudden spike

We provide effective and durable furnace repair services in Enumclaw. We are noted across the region for our commitment to customer convenience and satisfaction.

Most of our employees reside within the community and can reach home or business owners within no time to take care of any emergency with their furnaces. Our prompt and efficient services make us the leading furnace repair expert around here.

Furnace Service Enumclaw

furnace-service-enumclaw-waProper furnace service at regular intervals is very necessary to keep your home or work place well-heated.

Being very particular about maintenance of furnaces helps Enumclaw residents avoid the discomfort of an unheated property and the needless burden of furnace repair cost.

Furnaces have a number of parts that should all be working fine in tandem. The thermostat should be fine because it controls the heating system. When the temperature is too low, it switches the furnace on. The burners have to be properly lit, otherwise the furnace sensors will shut it off.

Malfunctioning of any component can lower the efficiency or completely stop your electric or gas furnace. Call us for furnace service in Enumclaw to make sure that your system never lets you down when you need it.

Our technicians assure you of meticulous furnace service because of which your system:

  • Delivers great performance season after season
  • Does not have sudden or frequent breakdowns
  • Has a long lifespan and provide excellent ROI

Furnaces Enumclaw

furnaces-enumclaw-waFurnaces are important and valuable investments. As such, these should be handled carefully.

An average property owner who has no idea about how to fix a furnace that won’t start or how to clean a gas furnace burner is certainly the ideal person to carry out furnace service and repair.

Turning to our heating company for furnace service and fixing of broken furnaces gives Enumclaw residents the peace of mind that their investment is protected. We are also the experts to call when home and business owners are out to shop for new furnaces in Enumclaw.   

Among other things, we offer:

  • 24 hour furnace repair and other services
  • Skillful, trained and experienced technicians
  • Timely, result-oriented, economical and lasting services
  • Assistance in picking furnaces of the right size
  • Guaranteed customer satisfaction

Trust the proven pros at Beacon Plumbing for furnace service and repair in Enumclaw. Call us also for installation/replacement of furnaces. Dial (206) 452-3130.

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