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Is Your Woodinville Home Electrical Panel Out-of-Date?


Are you experiencing recurring electrical problems in your home and wondering if it’s time for an electrical service panel upgrade? Give Beacon Plumbing a call. With homes using an increasing number of electrical devices, it is not surprising that old electric panels are unable to support their load. An electrical panel upgrade in Woodinville, WA homes is recommended to create electrical systems that can withstand the increased power usage.

We can send knowledgeable and trained electricians to:

  • Inspect your electric panel and check its functionality
  • Evaluate your existing and future power needs
  • Install a circuit breaker panel sufficient to meet those needs

After we are done with the electrical panel upgrade in your Woodinville home, you can look forward to using all the electric fixtures, appliances, and gadgets you need without any hassle.

What are the Benefits of a Circuit Breaker Panel?


Most of our electrical panel replacement and upgrade projects involve replacing fuse-style panels with a circuit breaker panel. Both fuses and circuit breakers disrupt the flow of electricity in the event of an overload or short circuit, which prevents damage to any electric fixture/device, as well as prevents an electrical fire.

When we install a circuit breaker panel in Woodinville homes, the homeowners get several benefits. Compared to a fuse box, the circuit breaker panel:

  • Breaks connection only temporarily and is reset easily
  • Lets multiple devices run without getting overloaded
  • Helps lower home insurance premiums
  • Increases home resale value

Our technicians can also replace a circuit breaker panel in Woodinville homes if the existing circuit breaker panel does not have sufficient amps. We can even install home run wiring that connects dedicated outlets directly to the electric panel.

Why Call Us For an Electrical Panel Upgrade in Woodinville?


If you want a safe and reliable home electrical system, get your electrical panel upgrade project in Woodinville completed by competent professionals. A DIY attempt is highly discouraged, and hiring inexperienced technicians to perform an electrical panel upgrade can also be extremely dangerous.

Do not take chances just to save on the electrical panel upgrade cost! Hire us and get the upgrade done seamlessly and cost-effectively. We offer quality services for all kinds of electrical jobs, including:

  • Surge protector panel installation
  • Installing new circuits, dedicated circuits, hot tub circuits
  • Knob to tube re-wiring
  • Kitchen and bathroom remodeling electrical service
  • Rewiring electrical panels and breaker boxes
  • Wiring & panel replacement

Dial 206-452-1932 to hire Beacon Plumbing for your home circuit breaker panel upgrade in Woodinville.

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