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Is Your Redmond Home Electrical Panel Out-of-Date?


Are the lights in your home constantly flickering? Do you find that the circuit breaker keeps tripping, fails to trip, or does not reset? Is your panel box making crackling sounds? Do you have to turn off one appliance so that another can be used? All these are indications that your electric panel is outdated and needs to be upgraded.

Electrical panel upgrade in Redmond, WA homes should not be taken lightly, as using old electric panels can result in several problems like:

  • Appliances running inefficiently, below full power
  • Overheated wiring, outlets, circuit breakers, etc.
  • Damage to appliances
  • Electrical shocks
  • Electrical fires

Call in the expert electricians at Beacon Plumbing to perform an electrical panel upgrade in your Redmond home as soon as you observe signs that the existing panel can no longer meet your power needs.

What are the Benefits of a Circuit Breaker Panel?


Every modern household needs an adequate, efficient circuit breaker panel. The old fuse-style panels cannot handle the high power that modern appliances require.

We can replace it with a circuit breaker panel so that Redmond homeowners can operate all the necessary electrical devices without problems. It also helps that a tripped circuit breaker panel can be reset easily and quickly, unlike fuses. Our seamless upgrade to circuit breaker panel also helps Redmond residents save on their home insurance premiums.

We excel, not just at panel upgrades, but at many other electrical projects. Our services include:

  • Surge protector panels
  • Breaker boxes
  • Wiring & panel replacement
  • Dedicated circuits with home run wiring
  • New circuits
  • Hot tub circuits
  • Knob to tube re-wiring
  • Bathroom and kitchen remodel wiring & repair

Why Call Us For an Electrical Panel Upgrade in Redmond?


The comfort and safety of your loved ones depends on an exceptional electrical panel upgrade in your Redmond home.

Call us to upgrade or replace circuit breaker panel and breathe easy, knowing that you hired competent, diligent, and dependable electricians. Our vigorously trained and seasoned professionals get electrical panel upgrade jobs done right and:

  • Ensure seamless upgrades by working with sharp attention to detail
  • Use high-grade materials to guarantee quality outcomes
  • Respect your home and leave it clean and undamaged
  • Provide top-notch services at an affordable electrical panel upgrade cost

Delaying an electrical panel replacement or upgrade is not advisable. Call Beacon Plumbing now at 253-777-1972 to install a new circuit breaker panel in your Redmond home.

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