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Is Your Kenmore Home Electrical Panel Out-of-Date?


The electrical service panel controls power distribution to different circuits in a building. If you have an out-of-date panel that is not equipped to handle the electricity requirements in your home, it could have harmful consequences like:

  • Electrocution
  • Fixture or appliance damage
  • Electrical fires
  • Improper operation of electrical devices

Stay safe and get an electrical panel upgrade for your Kenmore, WA home from Beacon Plumbing. We are a leading electrical contractor that specializes in electrical panel replacement and upgrades.

Our company has licensed electricians who can inspect your existing panel, determine whether an electrical panel upgrade is essential for your Kenmore home, and carry out the upgrade if necessary.

What are the Benefits of a Circuit Breaker Panel?


Efficient electrical systems in modern homes depends on their properly-sized circuit breaker panel. The maximum capacity of a fuse-style panel is way below what an average home needs today. We replace fuse boxes with circuit breaker panels in Kenmore homes so that families can use all the electrical gadgets that have become necessities for daily living.

By investing in an electrical panel upgrade and getting a circuit breaker panel installed, Kenmore homeowners also get to save on their home insurance premiums and see a boost in the resale value of their property. It also helps that, unlike blown fuses, tripped circuit breakers are easy to reset.

Call us today to hook up the wiring of your home into a new circuit breaker panel. If you want, we can also install home-run wiring, connecting dedicated outlets of heavy-load appliances directly to the circuit breaker panel. This allows such appliances to run:

  • Without hassles
  • At optimum efficiency
  • Safely

Why Call Us For an Electrical Panel Upgrade in Kenmore?


An electrical panel upgrade in Kenmore homes cannot be scheduled whenever you feel like it. Call us immediately if your circuit breaker keeps tripping, if you cannot operate two appliances simultaneously, or if your lights flicker frequently and burn out. We guarantee a quick and seamless upgrade at an affordable electrical panel upgrade cost.

We provide similarly superior services for several other electrical jobs, as well, like:

  • Rewiring electrical panels and breaker boxes
  • Wiring & panel replacement
  • Surge protector panel installation
  • Hot tub circuits repair
  • Knob to tube re-wiring
  • Installing new circuits and dedicated circuits
  • Bathroom remodeling electrical service

Have an outdated fuse box or circuit breaker panel in your Kenmore home? Call Beacon Plumbing today at 206-452-1932 for a panel upgrade.

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