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Septic Pumping Covington


Do you take care of your septic system on a regular basis? Maybe you wait until your Covington, WA home or place of business starts to have issues, and the only thing that will help is hiring the services of a septic pumping company.

If this is the case, call Beacon Plumbing to come to your rescue. Our team of experts will:

  • Clear Septic Lines
  • Pump Septic Line Tank
  • Be there as soon as possible
  • Inspect and recommend a solution
  • Pump the tank if needed

Septic pumping is only part of the solution. We can also repair any lines or drains, as well as check for any blockages like tree limbs, branches, dirt or debris that may be compromising the pipes.

Covington homeowners who have septic systems should be aware that prevention is the best method to properly maintain their system. We can certainly help with that.

Septic Pumper Covington


Don’t let an overfull septic tank ruin your property. Many Covington residents have no idea how long it takes for a tank to become full, so scheduling regular maintenance by a professional septic pumper company is essential to keep things running smoothly. Our experts will:

  • Inspect your tank and drain lines for any damages
  • Apply expert septic pumper protocol
  • Get your tank emptied and cleaned in no time

Who are you going to call for septic pumper service? Ask your friends who they have used before and which company they recommend. Chances are we are the company they rely on. Our professionals are highly trained and use only the latest and newest septic pumper equipment.

Whether you have an emergency or just want regular maintenance, call the best – call us!

Sewer Tank Pumping Covington


Has it been a while since you had your sewer tank pumped? Can you even remember when the last time was? Maybe it has been years, or you may have just moved in and actually have no idea when sewer tank pumping occurred on your Covington property. Don’t leave something like sewer tank pumping to chance.

Call the experts to take care of the sewer before it finally becomes a major problem. Here is what could happen if you don’t have your tank inspected:

  • Waste and sewage could seep onto your lawn
  • You could have a smelly, disgusting mess everywhere
  • You might face hazardous, unhealthy environment issues

Keep your sewer in top working order with regular sewer tank pumping. Call Beacon Plumbing at 206-452-1220. We will take care of all your septic pumping needs in Covington and keep your sewer system running clear for years to come.

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