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Electrical problems in homes are a part of life for residents of Burien, WA. At times, the issues are such that, on top of causing inconvenience, they may put the family and property in harm’s way. It is more alarming when such electrical problems occur outside the business hours.

Beacon Plumbing makes its 24 hour electrician available in Burien for precisely these situations. When you need an electrician but cannot wait for a professional to come the next day, call us. Our 24 hour electrician will reach your Burien home in no time to take care of the electrical emergency you face.

In fact, we are the ideal place to call, not just for emergency electrical service, but also when you need an electrician for routine electrical work. Our 24 hour electrician in Burien is an expert at wide-ranging electrical services, including:

  • Installation of dedicated circuits
  • Hot tub circuit repair
  • Rewiring electrical panels
  • Breaker box replacement
  • Knob to tube re-wiring
  • Kitchen remodel wiring & repair

Emergency Electrical Service for Burien Residential Property


Not all homeowners bother with finding a good electrician when they need emergency electrical service in Burien. They tend to call in the first electrician they come across. This can have serious consequences, though. With this approach, you might end up receiving makeshift emergency electrical service and have the electrical disaster recur in a short time.

Give us a call when you need an electrician for emergency electrical service in your Burien home. Our 24 hour electrician will not take advantage of your unfortunate situation and get all the required work done:

  • Quickly
  • With lasting solutions
  • To local codes

You can trust us for the finest and most honest emergency electrical service available in Burien.

When You Need An Electrician in Burien – We’ll be There!


The only thing more frustrating than having your home electrical system collapse in the dead of the night is when the 24 hour electrician shows up long past the promised time. Safeguard yourself against such disappointment by calling us when you need an electrician in Burien at any hour.

We believe that good electricians are those who excel at their work and are also great at keeping customers happy. We make sure that people who call us when they need an electrician in Burien are delighted by our:

  • Prompt response
  • Friendly conduct
  • Seamless service
  • Competitive pricing

Need a reliable 24 hour emergency electrician in Burien? Call Beacon Plumbing at (206) 452-3130.

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