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Seattle Furnace Replacement

During Seattle winters temperatures can average 35-40 degrees at night. And some Seattle winters can be even colder.  Your furnace evenly heats your home.  Homeowners easily ignore their furnace until it’s too late.  As a result furnace replacement may be needed.  When do you need Seattle furnace replacement?  Here are three trouble signs you need safe and accurate Seattle furnace replacement.

Trouble Sign #1:  Age

The average furnace lasts no more than 20 years.  When your furnace gets past this age problems can result. Your pilot light can go out.  And you can have regular shutdowns of your furnace.  Your furnace can eventually stop working.  Another sign of aging is rusting on your furnace parts.  Furnace leaks can cause flammable liquid.

Trouble Sign #2:  Rising Energy Bills

Have you noticed a spike in your energy bills?  As a furnace ages it loses the ability to heat your home properly.  The uneven heating will raise your energy bills.  This happens, because it doesn’t feel like your home is warm enough.  You keep turning up the heat to compensate for the cold.  Imagine how big this problem can be in the winter.

Trouble Sign #3:  Frequent Repairs

How many times have you repaired your furnace in the last 2-3 years?  Furnaces have the most repairs done towards the end of their heating life.  You end up spending $275-$500 or more on repairs for your old furnace.  These costly repairs normally happen in a short period of time.  It’s more cost effective to have Seattle furnace replacement done.  You can pocket the extra $275-$500 for yourself.

These are only three possible signs of furnace replacement.  Many Seattle homeowners wonder, “Which type of furnace should I buy?”  Let’s discuss the different types of furnaces for your furnace replacement.


Furnace Types

Gas Furnace: Gas furnaces burn cleaner and are cheaper to maintain.  Today’s gas furnaces don’t release a high amount of gas. With a properly operating gas furnace your energy bills can be significantly lower on a monthly basis.

Electric Furnace:  An electric furnace is the most popular type of furnace.  Homeowners concerned about using gas or oil furnaces enjoy the peace of mind.  Like most furnaces, electric furnaces are easy to operate.

Oil Furnace: Oil furnaces used to have a bad reputation.  They were known for being too expensive to use and maintain.  Technology has changed that.  Oil furnaces are becoming more popular in rural areas with no natural gas lines.  Oil furnaces don’t give off the oily smells of yesterday.  And oil furnace fluid won’t burn when exposed to an open flame.

Furnaces come in all shapes and sizes.  They can be used in residential homes, businesses, mobile homes and trailers.  Once you find the furnace that fits your needs and budget, who will install and service it?


The Seattle Furnace Replacement Experts

When you need reliable furnace replacement contact the Seattle furnace replacement experts.  Since 1999, Beacon Plumbing has safely and accurately installed and maintained Seattle furnaces.  Our expert furnace installers are fully equipped and skilled to provide Seattle furnace replacement services.  From pilot lights to furnace blowers Beacon Plumbing is the choice for Seattle furnace replacement.

•    Residential and Commercial Furnace Replacement
•    Furnace Delivery and Installation
•    Gas, Oil and Electric Furnaces
•    Heat Pumps and Gas Boilers
•    24/7 Emergency Furnace Replacement and Service
•    Licensed and Skilled Furnace Replacement Experts
•    Yearly Maintenance Program

Choosing a Furnace

Beacon Plumbing does more than just install your furnace.  We’ll help you decide which furnace is right for you.  Contact us by e-mail, phone or online chat.  We’ll walk you through the process of choosing the right Seattle furnace for your home or business.

First, we find out what type of home or business you have.  Second, we help you decide what size furnace will fit your needs.  Third, we’ll help you calculate what your heating costs could be with a type of furnace.  You’ll get the furnace that will evenly heat your home and save you money.  Finally we’ll work out a time and date to deliver and install your furnace.

We install and service furnaces with a high AFUE.  This stands for the Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency.  It rates a furnaces ability to change gas into heating energy.  A high rating means energy efficiency and low environmental impact.

When you need Seattle furnace replacement, Stop Freakin…call Beacon Plumbing!

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