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Stop Freakin…Call Beacon!



Dear Beacon Plumbing,

Just wanted to thank you Beacon Plumbing for such great service during miserable times.   

A rat had entered into our sub-flooring and was chewing on water pipes for weeks causing extensive damage to drywall.  

Jesse was first to visit the house under very stressful conditions and found leak immediately and the cause.   He quickly went to work for us leaving his personal cell phone to call anytime.   Jesse made a few more visits for additional damage from rat and of course was calling throughout the week asking how things were going.   Huge kudo’s to Jesse!  

Because visits were continuing and no progress was being made by our exterminator, I called Beacon management and asked for help due to the costs associated with the plumbing damage.  The next morning we were greeted by Jeff McCoy who absolutely impressed us to no end!  

He surveyed the damaged, then looked me in the eye telling me “we need to stop that rat right now”.  

Within 15 minutes he had found where the rat was entering and exiting, opened up the ceiling area where the rat called home, helped us move traps and bait bars to the newly opened area, repaired the damaged pipes and finally gave us advise on how to handle the exterminator that we were so disappointed in.  

Mission accomplished and all is good now!   This is beyond any service we could ever expect from a plumbing company.  

We are Beacon Plumbing customers for life!   Thanks for being there for us!     

Wade Family


 Hey Feakin Beacon Plumbing,

I wanted to say thanks for the quick response yesterday to my plumbing need.  Your dispatch said you’d be to my home in 40 minutes or less and that occurred as promised, thank you.

Your service man, Pete the Plumber was simply fantastic.  His expertise and confidence made me happy that I chose Beacon Plumbing to help me.  I’ve not dealt with Beacon before, so a bit of apprehension is probably normal, for me anyway.  Pete made me comfortable with my decision to call Beacon within 5 minutes of being there and he fixed my issue perfectly.

Thank Pete for me again and use me as a referral for your services anytime, especially if Pete the Plumber is the fix it guy.

By the way, I love your Freakin Beacon Plumbing advertising, as my need brought your ad to my head immediately and it made me make the call to you.  Great advertising and then perfect work and follow through.

Thank You,

Tom Andersen
4448 140th Ave SE
Bellevue, WA 98006




I just wanted to let you know that Beacon plumbing came out today and installed the tub for me at my condo project! Not only was the plumber experienced but his attitude was stellar which makes all of the difference in the world. His willingness to do a little extra in order to install the tub is what I was looking for. (This was not an easy install. It was in a condo with tight spaces to work in so I can see why the other plumbers tucked their tails in and ran…)

I will use and recommend Beacon plumbing over any other plumber that I have met so far. They are great!

Just wanted to let you know!! =)

Joe Hacker DBA

Bellevue, WA

West Coast Development Services



Brian was prompt, gave us his sincere opinion of what work was needed to be done and did it on the spot.  We will ask for him for future plumbing problems. 

– Whole home inspection and facuet rebuild

Walter & Willa Dee Thoen

Bellevue, WA

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