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Maple Valley Boiler RepairThis time of year is exciting for many reasons. It’s the holiday season, a time for indulgence, and also a time to take in the beauty of snowfall. However, you might have a hard time enjoying this time of year if you haven’t repaired your boiler. Early morning chills and increasingly cold evenings take the joy out of most activities. Make sure that you and your family are warm throughout winter by getting your boiler repaired.

At Beacon Plumbing and Heating, we believe in great service that is also affordable. We want to make sure that winter is a happy time for all of our customers. That is why we offer so many great services to get your home warm, ensuring you spend your winter comfortable! We are a Maple Valley boiler repair company that has a lot of experience repairing and installing boilers. In fact, since we opened in 1999 we have quickly grown to be the most popular heating repair company in the Puget Sound. Our customers love the fact that we are friendly, skilled, and reasonable with our pricing.

Maple Valley Boiler Installation

It is possible that you need a new boiler installed. If that is the case, we will be happy to speak with you about getting one installed during a time that is convenient for you. One of the best aspects about hiring us is that we offer you 24/7 service and even provide emergency service should something go wrong in the future.

Don’t put off getting your boiler repaired or getting a new one installed. Doing so could put you and your whole family at risk. A malfunctioning boiler can be very dangerous, and can even be fatal. This is due to dangerous gases that can be released into your household. In order to maintain the safety of your boiler, allow us to send out one of our qualified technicians to your home. Our technicians are all passionate, educated, and timely. They are also pre-screened by us so that you can be confident in their character.

In addition to boiler maintenance and repair, Beacon Plumbing and Heating also provides many other services, including:

  • Furnace repair
  • Plumbing
  • Bathroom and kitchen remodeling

To find out more about our services, including boiler repair and maintenance go to our website or give us a call at 1.800.373.2546.

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