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Human trafficking is the second-fastest-growing criminal activity, with records showing 14 to as high as over 17,000 people brought into the country every year. The Seattle region is known for its heavy human trafficking activities. Human trafficking is a USD14 – 16 billion a year business with countries like India, Brazil and sadly the United States being involved in these horrific acts.  
The purposes of human trafficking are countless. Here are some of the main reasons:

• Forced Labour
• Sexual Exploitation
• Organs Harvest

The heavy presence of human trafficking activities in the Seattle, WA ara mainly due to the International border with Canada, abundance of ports, vast rural areas, and dependency on agricultural workers.
Washington was the first state to pass a law to incriminate human trafficking with the mist stringent law in the country. Unfortunately, the office Attorney General had not recorded any charges against human trafficking as its victims were being recognized as such and rather being labeled as victims of sexual assaults and domestic violence.

Donate to Human Trafficking Seattle

Besides the local government in fighting against Human Trafficking. Local Seattle residents have come up with Anti-human-trafficking organizations to help law enforcement and Social Services leading to massive operations resulting in arrests and heavy charges slammed on perpetrators of these horrific criminal acts. But oftentimes efforts are limited due to:

• Lack of adequates funding
• High rates of runaway children
• Lack of training in Human Trafficking
• Data Collection

The fight against Human Trafficking can have a huge impact if we all contribute to the fight against it. We can all be part of the voice to stop human trafficking by supporting the necessary Technologies and strategies developed by donating towards this cause. Click here if you’d like to make a tax-deductible donation.

Human Traffickers

Sex trafficking is the most common form of human trafficking. About 4.8 million people exploitation. Human traffickers use very sophisticated methods that are sometimes hard to detect and have developed networks with powerful individuals for their protections and can easily get away from the law. Survivors and victims have described some of the most cruel acts of violence such as:       

• Raped multiple times
• Forced labor
• Drug abuse
• Murder

Recently, there was a case where two 16-year-old girls were rescued after being in captivity since they were both 14. They had been raped multiple times a day until they were rescued. There was a third girl who was not so fortunate, she had her organs harvested and taken to Eastern Europe for resale in the Black Market. These are cold-blooded pre-meditated murder and needs to be stopped!
Make a difference today by joining Beacon Plumbing and Crime Stoppers Global Solutions in the fight against Human Trafficking in the Seattle, WA area.

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